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Aerosol Cans

Aerosol cans are made in various ways, normally from metals that can safely contain pressurized liquids and gases. The tinplate is wrapped into a cylinder that has a top and a bottom welded on to ensure the can is complete just inside the can, the valve is tightly closed. A spring holds the valve tightly in place. The can is perfectly and safely sealed. No product or propellant can escape. Press down on the button and everything changes! Pushing down on the button pushes the valve down too. Under the valve, the spring is tightly compressed. The pressurized product and propellant escape through an opening at the top of the valve. As they leave the nozzle, the product and propellant form an aerosol (mist spray).
Aerosol Bottle
Aerosol Bottle
BI-Aerosol Can 2
BI-Aerosol Series
BI-Assorted Aluminium Cans
BI-Assorted Straight Cans
BI-Top Bottom For Neck In Can
BI-Top Bottom for Straight Neck
BI-Top Bottom


Molecular Sieves is a desiccant that has very small holes of precise & uniform size.these holes are small enough to block large molecules, while allowing small molecules to pass.

In aerosol industries removal of mercapton becomes necessary to avoid bad smell as deodorants and perfumes should have nice fragrance so to avoid thisn LPG gas is passed through bed containing several columns filled with molecular sieve which would adsorb mercapton from lpg thereby useful in manufacturing Aerosol products.